10 Most favorable credit cards for students

We continue to speak about 10  best credit cards for students. If you still use cash it is better to pay your attention to these variants provided below because you can have appreciable bonuses when using one of the cards.

6)  Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One

This one is made specially to increase your credit rating as fast as possible. The key feature is on time payments which affect your credit rating positively. Also when you pay on time you receive an additional 0.25% cash back to the basic 1% which is provided by the card. In other aspects, it is a usual student’s credit card but it deserves to be one of top 10 best credit cards for students because of credit rating raise opportunity.

7) State Farm® Student Visa® Credit Card

For this one, you can apply if your credit rating is lower than 400. Not a lot of credit cards offer for the students such a low entrance level that is why it is in our list. It has a variable APR starting from 17%, no annual fee and profitable point system One of the best credit cards for people with no credit and credit cards for students with bad credit.

8) Discover it® Student chrome

The analog of this card was in the first part of our article which you can find <a href=”https://fnews.today/how-to-choose-the-best-credit-card-for-college-students/ “>here</a>. In general, it has all the same features as Discover it® Student Cash Back but with some exceptions. It has 2% cash back instead of 5% but it hasn’t got any limits, so the cash back at the end of the month can be as high as possible. Also, there are other features included such as the ability to freeze the card when it is stolen, zero liability protection and so on.

9) Citi® Secured Mastercard®

This card can be defined as one of the best credit cards for students because it has a number of advantages. Starting from a good APR percentage and ending with a chance to transform it into an original unsecured card by paying your payments on time for 18 months. Good option as a best credit card for people with no credit and credit card for students with bad credit.

10) Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card for Students

To end our rating I decided to pick this one because it has some unusual features. First of all, it is one of the top credit cards for students because it is aimed at foreign students or students who travel a lot. The card has 0% foreign transaction and annual fees. Besides the card’s point system can be used anywhere in the world!

Obviously, there is no direct answer to the question what is the best credit card for students but in this list, there are best you can get right now. So it depends on your taste and your financial circumstances.

Remember to make your own research while choosing the credit card. Whether you are interested in cashback services or in raising your APR it is almost impossible to find a credit card which will fit all your requirements and combines all perks. Choose one which is in the priority for you or order more than one card.