If we want a substantial immersion in VR with Virtual Reality Melbourne for recreational purposes, we must think not only about how we will do it, but also which games are the ones we have to acquire in order to take advantage of our new team as much as possible.

This decision depends on multiple variables ranging from purchasing power to the personal tastes of each. So depending on your tastes attentive, sure below we will present a description that praises your preferences.

10 virtual reality games that you cannot miss

1. Minecraft Gear VR: The simple mechanics that this video game possesses does not make it unworthy to introduce VR technology with virtual reality Melbourne so move and build is satisfied with this new technology.

2. Swat Academy: Move between challenges while facing Zombies, download your adrenaline looking in all directions with this video game, this, of course, before being eaten or be defeated.

3. VR Karts Sprint: driving games are not excluded from VR , here you can use weapons and arguments to free yourself from your opponents, you just have to take into account that there are not many scenarios available and that you have to turn your head to the sides to observe well what surrounds you.

4. Temple Run VR: It is not surprising that this game is familiar to you, it is the same one you probably played on your Smartphone, of course, although it is based on the same theme of running and collecting objects, you will realize that everything is modified with the change of perspective. If you already liked it once, repeating it will not leave you incomplete.

5. Dreadhalls: This popular game of virtual reality Melbourne has been created for fans of the horror genre daredevils, for watching movies is not enough. In this you will have to leave a dungeon without being caught.

6. Batman Arkham VR: If you wanted to be Batman when you were a child and you liked to disguise yourself as the “Knight of the night”, there is no need to dream anymore, virtual reality Melbourne gives you a ride through Gotham, where you will go into action to defeat your favorite antagonists of the saga.

7. Gran Turismo Sport: this game for sure you already know, but for its implementation as a set of virtual reality generated in the only race against an opponent, thus sacrificed some of the game you knew shift some capacity and dynamism.

8. Keep Talking Nobody Explodes: If you’ve seen movies where there is a sweaty explosives expert and getting instructions on how to proceed, then you know what this multiplayer and cooperative game is about, where the main quality is just this, sharing with others in the VR with a virtual reality Melbourne.

9. Resident Evil 7: This long saga chases us from the PlayStation 1 console, and how not to do it? Zombies are a hobby of many. This is a game for the brave, if there is already tension directly in the console and a remote screen is quite intense, now imagine in full play with a virtual reality Melbourne .

10. Wayward Sky: This is a game that commonly comes new hikers of virtual reality , this is based on the resolution of puzzles with beautiful scenarios. Ultimately when you go to this game you will avoid dizziness.