All The Essentials for the Perfect Marketing Now

Social networks in recent months, but also years, are increasingly disrupting the natural reach of disclosure. So when some brand releases a new release on their social networking page, there are a very small number of fans watching this release. Because of this, brands are looking for better and better ways to reach out to end users. As an exceptionally good solution, there was an investment in SEO, that is, search engine optimization.

Why take care of SEO?

SEO is a search engine optimization site, in order to better position a particular web site on one of the web search engines. Brands investing money and time in SEO have a significantly higher chance of finishing first placed on one of the web search engines, such as Google. For the Ruffing Companies that do marketing this is perfect now.

If we look at the situation, the fact is that when we want to buy or buy something, we’ll search for it on Google (or another search engine). So, on Google, we want to get quality information that will ultimately lead us to desperate information, but also to buy something. Many experts say that users who come to Google’s website are much better and more valuable than those who come through social networks.

By investing in SEO, your brand can advance to leading Google sites for a specific search term. Data shows that Google’s leading sites relate to most visits (for example, more than 30 percent of people click on the first result) and therefore it’s extremely important to be more positioned on web search engines.

SEO is a very broad term that encompasses a multitude of measures aimed at creating quality content, adapting web sites to standards, building backlinks, enabling better accessibility, etc. In order to be able to talk about SEO for hours, we will focus on only one part of it today the one that is focused on optimizing the design settings of the website. So, the tips below will be related to the repairs that need to be done on the webpage, so that it is tailored to SEO by 2018. Here’s what you need to pay attention to:

Customize content for use on smartphones

Over the last few years, there has been a big turning point when we consider the proportion of people accessing websites through computers and smart phones. 10 years ago smart phones have not even existed and users have access to the content of the web pages through personal computers. But today the situation is completely different and most users access content through smartphones. So, there are more who will come to the website via a smartphone, rather than the user who will open the website through the computer.

Google will look at your page indexing in the future through the prism of smartphones. This means that it will eventually fine-tune the indexing that will be convenient for those pages that are tailored to smart phones. And no, this is not a plan for a future, it will happen in 2018. So Google wants your websites to be customized on smartphones and you have to adjust it because otherwise you might be less rated.