Business simulation and IT sphere

There are several thoughts about how business simulation and the related features concern work of IT specialists. IT specialists use tools that can just be very useful due to digital transformation – you can see the definition
of the term here. Business simulation helps to understand how the organization in general works, to see an overall picture prior to automation.

The similar analysis helps to offer and realize optimal variants of decisions for work of various organizations and separate divisions.

In spite of the fact that article is devoted to business simulation shortcomings, I personally consider that to apply business processes and notations by optimization and automation of work of the organizations not only it is possible, but it is really necessary.

But at the same time, it is important to understand that as well as any tool, business simulation can also work in both parties and bring not only benefit but also harm. So study more deeply tools, remember possible minuses of use of notations of business processes, avoid excessive simplification. Also don’t forget that these notations describe the work of the organization, i.e. first of all, people, and only then – their work with technologies.

Penetrate into details, especially, if you plan to replace on any site the person with the program. Make sure that it won’t lead to loss of control or natural adjustment of loading of adjacent divisions. You shouldn’t rely fully modern software
and technology solutions just because we live in a century of mass automation.

If there is matched insufficient attentiveness of the company executive to details, unwillingness in complex or doubtful cases to consult with the employees who are responsible for this or that activity, then it can terminate in the sad image. And negative factors can equally influence also the small business and the large company. It is necessary to understand that it is just one more example of job specialization for bigger efficiency in the solution of a task.