Caring For Your Persian Rug

Older rugs are rarer than new carpets because they are damaged with age and, sometimes, by accident or abuse. The daily care of your carpet determines to a large extent how good it is. With certain precautions and regular cleaning, your Persian Rug can retain its original appearance for life and beyond.

Some common problems will worsen your carpet more quickly, such as water damage, insect damage, pets, stains, improper suction, aggressive chemicals, and other items. Proper care to avoid these harmful effects, combined with sensible action when spills or stains occur, will protect your carpet from accidental damage.

Here are some tips to take care of your Persian Rug:

  • Caring for your rug is as easy as vacuuming regularly with the suction cup to remove dirt from the surface. By using the brushes, only a minimum amount of dirt is removed, while the strips are destroyed quickly, and more surface wear is caused.
  • If liquids or food are spilled, wash them as soon as possible before settling them. This helps prevent the formation of mold and mildew. Avoid the use of detergents, as they will degrade the dyes and interrupt the long-lasting color of your carpet. Contact a carpet cleaning specialist for help or advice on stain removal.
  • Pet urine can be very harmful: keep your Persian Rug away from high-risk situations whenever possible. Not only does it cause unpleasant odors, but it can also stain your carpet permanently. Immediate action is essential, and it is recommended that you consult a professional cleaner if this happens frequently or if you change an old rug.
  • The padding of your rug will prolong life the useful life and protect your floor in case of accidental spillage. Use non-slip pads and promote the exchange of air between your carpet and the floor. They should also be designed so that dirt will settle on the floor and the back of the carpet will not be damaged.

How do you determine if your carpet needs to be cleaned? You can lift each corner and kick the back of the carpet, if you see a cloud of dirt, then the carpet needs to be cleaned. It can be responsible for the amount of dirt you see on the carpet: dust and wool fibers are normal.

Deciding how to clean your carpet is also important. You can do it yourself or clean it professionally, but an old and professional cleaning is recommended to avoid damaging the carpet. Look for a specialist who is qualified and experienced in cleaning old handmade rugs. Hand-knotted carpets should never be chemically cleaned, or steam cleaned, otherwise dyes may form.

Avoid stains and then receive good advice or professional help in your treatment can help preserve the life and value of a hand-woven rug. Well maintained, a rug only improves with age.