How to celebrate Christmas to make a holiday memorable?

Are you looking for ideas on how to celebrate Christmas and New Year at home? It is quite easy. Even at home can be fun. In this article you will find many great ways to have fun with family, friends, and also cheer yourself up if you suddenly mark one.Delivering joy to yourself and your loved ones is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Here is a list of fun entertainment on a festive night specially crafted for you:

  1. Make a board of the most pleasant memories for 2018. You can create an electronic version in the form of a presentation.
  2. If you live in your house, you can dance even all night long, turning on the music to the maximum.
  3. Make a list of your achievements for 2018 and hang it on the wall. You will understand that you can be proud of yourself.
  4. Make a big plate of popcorn just for yourself and enjoy it as a favorite movie.
  5. Invite your friends to an overnight party. You can pre-arrange a dress code, for example, themed pajamas. Play with your buddies and enjoy the eve.
  6. Arrange a bar with confetti. Raising glasses of champagne in the company of friends and family, throw confetti into the air from the balcony.
  7. Try to stage a famous performance of Bayonne or any other artist with girlfriends. You can even shoot your video.
  8. Get a Polaroid camera and capture a lot of fun moments. You will have unique pictures that you can give to friends.
  9. Prepare a delicious dish for your family or loved one.
  10. Light candles, preferably aromatic, or elegant Christmas lights closer to midnight.
  11. Turn a meeting with friends into a party with fondue.
  12. Cut a small video of the most fun and enjoyable moments with your family or friends. Great mood all guaranteed.
  13. Write on short notes to your friends about the past year, for example, about the best thing that happened to them last year, your favorite movie that they saw, about what they want to achieve in the New Year. Put all the pieces of paper in the box and let everyone choose a question at random.
  14. Inflate a huge balloon with confetti and blow it up at midnight.
  15. Offer your guests to come in a mask or a fun New Year’s hat.
  16. Make a cake in the form of a clock face. It is enough to write a cream on each piece in a number from one to twelve.
  17. Hang up funny posters in the apartment with holiday inscriptions and greetings.
  18. Get the whole company together and take one total selfie. Make an annual tradition out of it.

Be sure to write papers with desires. Make as many as you can. Next year many of them may come true. Put them in a box, and a year later you were able to take stock and make new ones.