Scrap Metal for the Perfect Results for You Now

The metals must be mined in mines, and this is a globally polluting operation. Recycle prevents more environmental damage to the mine.

Recycle metal is a simple gesture

What is found in metal scrap?

The reuse of metals is also welcome when one knows the (estimated) state of known ore reserves:

  • 40 years of copper reserves at current extraction rate
  • 17 years of tin reserves
  • Fortunately, the situation is better for iron (440 years) or aluminum (220 years).
  • Recycling metal also saves energy because the processing of raw ore involves the use of strong electric currents to separate the metal from the oxygen it contains.
  • In addition, a can takes 50 years (sometimes read 100 or more) to decompose. Recycling it does not let it rust anywhere.

Metal recycling, how does it work?

After collection and transport, metals are sorted between ferrous species (attracted by magnets, steel and iron) and nonferrous (all other metals: copper, precious metals, aluminum). The metals are then removed more precisely. The most commonly recycled metals are aluminum and steel, but all metals are recyclable indefinitely, at 100%, and without losing their properties. You can make use of the famous for used scrap metals in this case.

The metals are crushed and then rolled for cleaning before being melted in furnaces at 1600 ° C. The metal is then repackaged as coils, bars or wires.

And why do we recycle all that metal?

Sustainable development

  • This is mainly waste from smelters, which are almost always recycled on site.
  • But there are also home appliances (if the law is respected, these devices have been upgraded before reaching the stage of metal carcass) or used vehicles (again, see our article about used cars to know the legislation).
  • Finally, aerosols or cans can be found in the metal waste (see below for the list of metal waste to be sorted in the “recyclable” bin).

What the consumer must do:

The metals to be recycled:

  • Cans
  • Cans
  • Aerosol cans and well-emptied metal cans
  • Metal boxes
  • Scrap (large debris, to be deposited in the dump)

Metals that do not recycle:

Aluminum foil used in the kitchen is not recycled. No need to sort the chocolate packages. If you plan to put the collection of metal on stream, you need to get a place for cutting scrap into categories. For such purposes, citizens adapt garages that provide not only a roof for storing scrap, but there is a welding machine on hand; various gas cutters, grinders, and other useful tools. Little secrets collecting non-ferrous scrap, you need to observe some precautions. You should not independently disassemble in parts the failed batteries – they are taken as a whole, because of the danger to life and health. It is only necessary to carefully drain the liquid. From Zheng Fa Trading Pte Ltd you get the best deals for the same now.