The Tips for Writing the Right Article

We have already given some guides on how to write the different styles and formats of articles and we will also include some tips for writing an article. These are useful for any type of writing. We even use them to write these articles! For the article source this is important.

Plan your time

Time management is the most important factor. The lack of sufficient time will lead you to write a hasty article at best. In the worst case, it will result in you not delivering your work on time. If you do not manage your time, you will inevitably end the night before trying to put everything in.

Whether your instructor gave you 1 week, 1 month or 3 months, you should make sure you have a structured plan. It is very easy to think that you have a lot of time and end up sinking with the little things and the technical details, ending with a lot to do.

Start usually: write all the easy points first and build the body of the article. If there is something you do not understand at all, instead of wasting a lot of time with that, take note and go back to what you do not understand when you have finished the first draft.

Choose a good theme

Sometimes they will give you a theme or a list of topics to choose from and you will have to do the best you can. At other times, you will have more freedom, so it is important to choose a theme that you really like. It is also necessary to examine the practical aspects: if you choose a broad topic it will be difficult to focus the article.

If it is too narrow, you will not have enough resources for a fully balanced article. One tip is to make a list and spend an hour or two doing some preliminary research. You must have a variety of sources, opinions and angles as the basis of your article.

Affirmation of the thesis, affirmation of the thesis, affirmation of the thesis

  • This is really the most important part of any job and is the basis of the article. A good affirmation of the thesis must be broad enough to give room for maneuver and sufficiently concise so that you can address an issue in depth.
  • If we compare Japan, a society with an insatiable appetite for technology, with a society that has little need for technology, you will see that technology cannot always be considered a force for good.
  • At the beginning, do not worry too much about the exact language of the affirmation of the thesis, as long as you have the idea.

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