Understanding the psychological aspects of colors for the site

True, there are no right or wrong rules or colors, those that bring a lot of conversions, clicks, or sales. The ideal combination will depend on the purpose of your site and the desired visitor profile. And to come up with an efficient result, you need to look at all the options.

Psychology also reveals the meaning of colors and how they can influence, provoking emotions, feelings, perceptions, and desires

  • Yellow is the color of the sun. It transmits warmth, joy and optimism. It is brilliant and it refers to gold and energy.
  • Orange is a striking color, conveys enthusiasm and disposition. It represents creativity and daring.
  • Red is a warm and powerful color. It symbolizes love, sensuality, fire and also urgency and attention.
  • Purple is a Color of creativity, imagination, intuition and wisdom. It also evokes spirituality and mysticism.
  • Blue is a deep color that refers to calmness and tranquility. It inspires balance, reliability and strength.
  • Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, fertility, and also hope and health.
  • Gray is a neutral color, but that translates elegance and intellectuality.
  • Black is considered absence of color. Usually used in combination with other colors, it is responsible for the finish, refinement, conferring credibility and style.
  • White is the sum of all colors. It symbolizes purity, serenity and peace.

The significance of the geometric forms

Lastly, the geometric forms used throughout your site are also able to convey certain feelings.

  • Squares and rectangles Straight forms denote objectivity, rationality, and equality. They inspire confidence, security and the stability of a particular brand
  • Circles  Because of the curvilinear shape, the circles promote the idea of ​​continuous movement, of infinity, of abundance, timelessness and fullness
  • Triangles much used in religious contexts, they indicate energy, vigor, direction and spirituality. Triangles also evoke growth, balance, harmony, and proportionality.

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Choosing sources

Just like the colors, the typography used on your site can create a positive or negative experience for visitors. Quick Sprout conducted an interesting survey, where it found the following sources trends.

The font size for the body of the site should not be less than 11 points, so as not to make it difficult to read and, consequently, make the person stay longer on your page

Over 60% of famous and relevant blogs use letters in size 13 or 14

Almost 70% of popular sites maintain the font size of the title between 17 and 25 points, ensuring that they have obtained better results in more than 50% of cases and the sources used for the title were Arial or Georgia

The most used body text fonts for 90% of the biggest blogs

  • Verdana  used in 34% of cases  
  • Lucida Grande  used in 24% of cases  
  • Arial  used in 18% of cases  
  • Georgia used in 14% of cases.