Understanding the way a UX designer and a web designer works

A UX designer must help the web designer to create a site with simple, stimulating and conscious holistic navigation. To simplify the natural actions of visitors, we can start by making compromises with the performance of micro objectives important for our marketing, but detrimental to the customer journey.

Which of the elements of the site those bring us small advantages hinder the activities of the user personas? It is starting from the removal of these obstacles that we can begin to get improvements on the mark conversions. To identify these blocks, careful analysis and sample interviews are required. To get the best services you must opt for the LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

Follow Analytics and you will find an improvement

The data driven methodology is often referred to as the enemy of innovation. Focusing on refining every single measurable element of the site can make us lose sight of a greater goal, a bit ‘as it is impossible to understand the shape of a forest walking in the trees. Its true letting the data decide is a bit ‘to gag the creativity of web designers. But the imagination of a professional is not discouraged by data and the task of a designer is also to find ways to overcome the difficulties to turn an impediment into an advantage or a new creative stimulus. A bit like in the movie “The Five Variations” ofLars von Trier , where director  Jørgen Leth tackles with style and brilliance the conditions imposed by the Danish antagonist colleague. Data collected from tools such as Google Analytics can also be excellent allies.

There are many activities to follow to consciously take care of a digital project

  • Analysis of Google Analytics data
  • Analysis of the socio demographic characteristics of the user
  • Adaptation of the design to the devices and operating systems used by the user personas
  • Identification of site bottlenecks
  • Inhibition of every obstacle to site performance
  • Setting and monitoring of objectives.

Creating a data driven website is not a joke, but it is able to fully repay every investment.

What are the basic steps to follow?

  • Analyze the behavior of your visitors
  • Define the user personas
  • To bring out themes and trends that can facilitate their use of online services and products
  • Develop wireframes and prototypes to test the effectiveness of each part of the site
  • Understanding how user personas interact with the site

Continue to test the effectiveness of each specific variable through small A / B Tests, facilitating any improvement process with small interventions.