Warning Signs of Bad Brampton Windows Installation.

Warning Signs of Bad Brampton Windows Installation.


Windows Brampton installation is not a small investment. It needs a lot of money and time to accomplish it. This is the truth that all homeowners understand, so when you spend your money and time to have the windows installed or replaced, you expect top-notch services worth your investment. See more info here.

So, how do you notice your windows weren’t well installed? There are many warning signs to look after. Most of them are visible. So if you think the installation or replacement of your Brampton windows was correctly done, keep checking for these signs to ascertain that.

  1. Gaps in Your Windows.

No special skills are needed to identify gaps in your Brampton windows. Gaps clearly show that there was a problem in the window installation. These gaps can either be windowsills or between the window frame.  

The gaps imply that the installer didn’t do perfect measurements of your frame during installation. Therefore, the frame could be bigger, or the window could be small to fit snugly on the frame. It is recommended to hire the best window installers to avoid these mistakes in the future.

  1. Drafty Windows.

The main reason why you decide to replace your windows was that your home was drafty and affecting its energy efficiency. However, despite all your efforts, this problem persists. This cannot be normal. New replacement windows should be able to stop this if they are correctly installed.

So if they are not preventing draft, know something is wrong with the installation. Call your installer lest you continue paying more on your energy bills.

  1. Moisture Seepage.

If your windows and doors Brampton aren’t well installed and starts to rain, you will notice the water is seeping into your room. Seepage is detrimental and usually results in other problems such as mildew and mold formation. These two can be hazardous to your family health.

Water seepage clearly illustrates that the windows are not well installed. It should be curtailed before the problem escalates to more severe effects such as structural instability.

  1. Operational Failure.

Even though the things mentioned above may fail to be identified, the way your window operates will tell you a lot. If you find out the window cannot close or open, or sometimes you use a lot of energy to open it, then that is a sign there is some problem. A properly installed window will operate with ease.

You paid your installer so that you can open and close your windows whenever you want and with ease. If you are not enjoying using your Brampton windows, it is high time you called your installer to look at the problem and correct it.

  1. Foggy Panes Inside.

When you find the inside of your windows and doors Brampton are foggy though it isn’t the case outside, then there is a problem. This implies the seal is not correctly fitted into the frame. That needs repair before the problem escalates to something serious.