Warning Signs That Your Oakville Windows Installation Wasn’t Perfectly Done.

Warning Signs That Your Oakville Windows Installation Wasn’t Perfectly Done.


Windows Oakville installation is not a light investment. This is a truth that most homeowners in Oakville understand so well. So, when you decide to carry out window installation in Oakville, you expect to get everything right from the start and avoid wastage of time and costly repairs. Bad window installation can result from either the installer’s incompetency or from your side. Remember that you will get the value of what you pay for.

But, how do you know that your windows Oakville were shoddily installed? There are several signs, and you will see them when they are there. By identifying them earlier, you will be able to correct them and save on energy cost issues that may occur over time. If you suspect your window installation was shoddy work, observe the following warning signs. Click here to learn more.

  1. Spaces in Your Windows.

You don’t have to be a professional to identify spaces or gaps in your newly installed windows Oakville. When you see gaps, it becomes clear that the installation standards were compromised. To see them, look between the windowsill and frames, and if the installation were shoddily done, you would see some light penetrating through.

This means that the measurements of the window weren’t well taken and either the glass is too small or the frame is large. To avoid this, disappoint always insist on hiring a trusted window installer to make sure you get the best results.

  1. Drafty Windows.

The main reason why many homeowners replace their windows is to fight drafts which cause significant energy loss. But what happens if you have replaced your windows and you can still feel the draft? That can be disheartening. Newly installed Oakville windows and doors should be able to withstand any draft whatsoever.

So, if you still feel drafts in your newly installed energy efficient windows, know something is wrong with the type of installation. Reach to a trusted window installer and have the mess corrected immediately to avoid further loss.

  1. Failure of Windows to Operate.

Even if you cannot observe other signs of shoddy window installation, this one is obvious, and you will be able to know whenever you operate your newly installed windows. If you are finding it hard to open or close your windows, that is a clear indication that there is a problem with the installation.

  1. Foggy Inside The Window Panes.

You will notice that your window Oakville panes are foggy inside even though they are not foggy outside. This is a clear warning sign of poor installation, and it implies that the seal used between the panes has not been correctly put. So, if you see this, call a qualified installer to take care of that.