What Is SEO and What Does SEO Mean?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization which means Search Engine Optimization. This term came about when the internet was still crawling, but today it is of fundamental importance for the good positioning of any web page. The search engines work with two forms of search: the organic and the paid. The latter refers to sponsored links. A company when it opts for paid search makes payment of certain amount on platforms.

Organic Search

The organic search is the one that occurs naturally. That is, the user accesses a search and search engine for something that interests him. There is no payment of any amount so that in this search the site that is among the first results will appear. But for this to happen it needs to have relevance and authority. Know the best practices recommended by search engines.


It is said that a website is relevant when it provides the best response and also experience when a certain term is used in the search. It is considered an Authority when its reputation on the internet is very good and both other pages and users recognize its importance.

Responsibilities of the SEO Consultant

The SEO professional from LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO Company is responsible for doing all the most appropriate planning of SEO strategies for particular website. For this he must meet with the owner of the page and understand what he wants and what strategies have already been adopted.

It will do a structural analysis of how the page is currently and what metrics the search engine is using. The speed the website has, the structure navigation links have, and the page performance are some good examples of what it looks at.

That is, the SEO consultant is responsible for the following duties:

  1. Elaborate the SEO planning.
  2. Do internal site audit and analyze your SEO structure.
  3. Analyze and plan the Link building.
  4. Optimize the on page.
  5. Plan the key words.

Optimize Internal Conversion.

Site back links are also evaluated. Every month it is checked if the webpage has gained more reference on the internet and if the link building was appropriate. Depending on the objective you want to achieve this type of analysis can be done every week or every month. This allows the planning to be done so that the strategies adopted are better optimized.

Does The Site Already Contain Content?

The SEO professional will also work on your optimization so that you have a good conversion of clients. In addition, it still manages to attract more customers since it is not enough to simply attract the attention of users, and you have to convert them into customers. This is achieved by engaging the public through SEO techniques.