Where Artists Can Offer 3D Modeling Services – 3 Areas of Application

Everybody tells you to master 3d modeling, but you don’t know where to work? We’ll show you the most popular and not so evident places to become a 3d visualization artist.

Where Artists Can Offer 3D Modeling Services – 3 Areas of Application

3d modeling is a top-required skill on the market, but you’re still unsure whether you want to do it or not? Read this article to make sure there are many spheres to apply your skills. We’ve collected the most popular of them to direct you.

Area №1 – Video games It’s not a secret that games are taking over the world, and they won’t stop. So, it’s a nice time to become a 3d artist and start providing 3d modeling services and creating heroes, environment, weapons and vehicles for games. Who knows, maybe your project will be as popular as GTA?

Are you lost? Get online education in this field. Online platforms offer special courses on modeling for games and other spheres.

  • Udemy offers courses on more than 50 languages and helps in finding a job;
  • CG Spectrum helps students in getting knowledge from modelers working with Sony Pictures Animation;
  • Coursera has a large variety of courses, and games modeling is also offered.

Area №2 – Building, architecture, interior and exterior This field is hard to be imagined now without CAD and BIM technologies. 3d modeling services simplify builders’, architects’ and interior designers’ lives. With the help of 3d modeling studios and companies can represent their ideas in a better way. It means that having a satisfied client is a reality as you can present different options at once and predict the mistakes before the works will start.

Area №3 – Vehicles and transport 3d artists now provide their 3d modeling services not only with business owners, but the government too. Creating a plan for future transport junction is easier when half of your work is done by special programs. That’s why works are finished earlier and are of high quality. Where to apply the ready-made models of vehicles?

  • In video games and films combining the models with VFX. A lot of modern games are devoted to racing and wars.
  • In city projects carrying out by urban specialists. They can show the government how to create a comfortable city for people.
  • In governmental projects. 3d art studios help to present new reforms in the most convenient way.

Where to find good examples?

If you want to get inspired to become a modeler or you’re searching for a good team who’ll realize your thoughts to reality, apply for an outsourced company. For example, 3dreach. They have more than 10-years working experience and rich portfolio for your inspiration.