Who Pays for Window Replacement Edmonton – Homeowners or Condo Associations?


You want to get rid of the old and weak windows and install the new ones to your condo and revive its appearance. But who pays for window replacement your condo? Most homeowners are ignorant about who should pay. However, the answer depends on each homeowner’s situation.

For instance, you might not be interested in the windows you found your condo with. If you are not getting an excellent sight to the outside,  window replacement Edmonton can give you a full view of the exterior and also allow more natural light in. There are even better designs in terms of security, curb appeal and air flow than you can install.

  1. How Condo Association Handle Window Replacement Edmonton.

There are public and private aspects of the condo. When you purchased your condo, you were buying your own home as well as the shared space. This gives you right for some use that comes with certain responsibilities. And to make it more transparent, there are common, limited and general elements.

For instance, things such as patios and balconies fall under common elements, which further brings the debate on door replacement. Therefore, what determines whether the window is private or shared is where it is installed and whether is it or not part of the unit.

The reason for window replacement is another thing the condo association considers. If the windows replacement is being done due to weather, the replacement may fall under the condo association’s domain.

  1. Limited Common Element.

If the condo agreement states that your windows form part of your unit, then the responsibility of replacing windows Edmonton falls on your domain. However, the replacement shouldn’t interfere with the measurements of the window opening.

The common tendency of homeowners is to calculate for the expenses of the new replacement windows. They take advantage of window replacement companies that give comprehensive financing plans so that they pay reduced amounts monthly for window replacement.

  1. Weather Window Replacement

Harsh weather can hurt windows. That is why most homeowners insure their homes in case they are hit by natural disasters such as blizzard or hurricanes hit their homes.

For condo members, insurance is everyone’s responsibility in the condominium unit. The condo association has to select the best insurance coverage for your home. The replacement of the windows is done according to the agreement of the condo association. Therefore, in case of disaster, the condo association is responsible for the replacements.

  1. Always Choose Professional Window Replacement Edmonton.

Remodelling your home should be taken seriously. There are some of the home aspects you can DIY, but there are others you should leave in the hands of a professional. Trusting a professional and giving him the work ensures smooth replacement that will last for many years to come.